What makes the difference between a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife? All of them are women, but all of them have a different rule and social uniform. A robe makes them united in one unique sublime essence able to self-love and self-care. When a Goddess chills at home and takes moments for herself, for taking care of her needs, she wants a second skin cloth, a regal wrap to celebrate her body and her activities.

We made two choices to turn this desire in reality. First a bamboo fabric, smooth like silk and resistant on the emotions running on women skin. And a color palette to enhance the skin tone of every Goddess. We introduce four colors white, peach, sand and stone with oeko-tex standard 100 certified non-toxic dyes label (the global testing and accreditation system for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles).

Bamboo fabric is a cozy and sensual choice for the women's silky skin. It has a luxuriously soft fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic and exhibits up to a 99.9% anti-bacterial rate, able to retain even through multiple washings. The bamboo plant has a natural resistance to pest and fungal infestation due to an ant-microbial agent known as "bamboo kun” that prevents harmful matters from cultivating on the plant. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants because it grows quickly and does not require chemicals and pesticides or irrigation. Bamboo is highly water absorbent, able to take up to three times its weight in water. In bamboo fabric, this translates to an excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. This makes it great for both hot and cool climates, bamboo kimono offers built-in temperature control. It traps warm air in its cross-sectional fibers to keep you warm in the winter, while its breathable nature and wicking properties keep moisture at bay for greater comfort in hot times.

BAMBOOSHELL has the follow features:

- 100% washable Bamboo, gentle machine wash
- OEKO-TEXT Standard 100 certified non-toxic dyes
- Belt and belt loops
- French seam finish
- One size comfortably fits most
- Up to 112 cm (44") at chest and hips
- 130 cm (51") L