THE BEDDHA, which means “The Beautiful”, is an Italian holistic beauty and lifestyle brand that places female embodiment and spirituality at the core of its philosophy. 

THE BEDDHA is a way of life for women around the globe seeking for an alternative way to become more aligned with their sacred femininity; women looking to negate from social stereotypes of what beauty is to discover their inner goddess through acceptance and mindfulness.

THE BEDDHA is a collection of luxurious loungewear, skincare, lifestyle and accessories to heal and nurture women from within and to use as a catalyst for self-awareness and empowerment.

The Collection incorporates three main sectors: 

Goddess Couture - a luxe range of loungewear, which includes natural silk kimonos, turbans,  pillowcases, jewelry, and accessories.

Goddess Care - precious stones and crystals that are charged with positive energy to create beauty tools and skin and bath products, which heals and combats ageing, congested skin and unbalanced complexions.

Sacred Space - dedicated meditation devices tools and spiritual home decor as candles, incenses, blankets as well as spiritual counseling workshops created by Stefania to conquer day-to-day stresses, self-healing, and confidence.

THE BEDDHA offers a new vision of the female’s gateway to serendipity; unique products that can be worn, smelt, seen, touched and received in order to help women overcome life’s little burdens and day-to-day stresses for women around the globe.