View & Mission



As you know by now, The Beddha is one year old! A year full of hard work, fulfilment, and joy.

THE BEDDHA, which means “The Beautiful”, is an Italian holistic beauty and lifestyle brand that places female embodiment and spirituality at the core of its philosophy. 


THE BEDDHA is a way of life for women around the globe seeking for an alternative way to become more aligned with their sacred femininity; women looking to negate from social stereotypes of what beauty is to discover their inner goddess through acceptance and mindfulness.


THE BEDDHA is a collection of luxurious loungewear, skincare, lifestyle and accessories to heal and nurture women from within and to use as a catalyst for self-awareness and empowerment.


THE BEDDHA offers a new vision of the female’s gateway to serendipity; unique products that can be worn, smelt, seen, touched and received in order to help women overcome life’s little burdens and day-to-day stresses for women around the globe.


After the first BTC, to further celebrate the milestone, our founder Stefania, decided to launch a new project: ESSIREE.COM


Unveiled just a few days ago, the new platform is the culmination of things our CEO loves and lives for, and wants to share. With its own motto Living Better, ESSIREE has been designed keeping in mind the brand core principles: products, events, people.


A whole holistic experience that includes:


The Collection. A shopping area where you can find female and male products made by The Beddha and The CCHIUI, alongside goods made in partnership with other brands (so far you can find Beddha & Spell but more to come in the following weeks/months), plus a curation of creations collected from around the world presented in the ESSIREE Box (further information will be provided in more details later on)


Community. Profiles of women ESSIREE collaborates with. Beddha Tribe Camp & Retreat, a list of dates of workshops held in Italy, Europe and around the world in unique locations. Playlists and videos made to sensorially introduce the platform visitors and customers to the brand core values


Editorial. More space will be given to our magazine, Mindful Rooftop, produced with the idea to educate and inspire women located in different parts of the globe; and to Say OM Project, our series of interviews to women who embrace The Beddha lifestyle


Academy. Our circle of leading holistic experts in different fields of wellness and beauty, located around the world (stay tuned for further developments and announcements)


After explaining the platform structure, let’s spend some words on its meaning. ESSIREE embodies a principle very dear to our founder.


The word comes from the Salento dialect, and means stepping out. The word has been chosen to be associated with the idea of getting out of the comfort zone to embrace the unexpected, the intangible, freeing from what holds down. Only overcoming fears and limits we will be able to align mind, body and soul, achieving the ultimate goal that is living a holistic life.


A fresh path well worth the effort.


ESSIREE is a glocal place, where the local meets the global (if you know the founder story, how The Beddha evolved, you can see the project is another step in her own journey), and has been created to provide soul and body explorers with the right tools...


THE CCHIUI, the new unisex products collection naming, follows the same principle. It is an adaptation of the Italian word ‘più = more’ pronounced in Salento dialect.


A much needed explanation, to honour a complex behind the scenes job, thoroughly thought and planned.


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