The Conscious Concierge - ENGLISH



ESSIREE, which means “to get out” in Italian,
was created by Wellness Coach Stefania Nardizzi,
to encourage people on the fringes of their spirituality and power
to delve deeper in their potential. 

Our platform, like our name suggests, strives to connect
like minded individuals seeking to experience higher consciousness
in a digital age of disconnect and discontent
by curating a list of spiritual events, retreats, workshops,
talks, festivals and popups from around the world.

If you are completely new to creating events, or,
if you are simply struggling to do it all on your own, we can help
by offering our CONSCIOUS CONCIERGE service. 



Art Direction, Management & Toolkit

We’ll act as an in-house events manager to ensure
your event gets off on the best foot forward.
Whatever your budget, we can offer the best concept and network of
the right photographers, videographers, practitioners or locations
to ensure you have less stress and more time
to create and host an unforgettable event.
Consider us as your boutique concierge!
We are happy to be at your service.


Online Circle Facilitator Training

We know how daunting it can be when you’re hosting your first event.
We can offer you guidance and a tailored program on how to craft
your own unique and creative methods to touch the lives of others.
Whether your calling is to teach, heal or empower,
we will help you gain more confidence hosting workshops,
events or retreats with our years of experience coaching.


Host Your Own Beddha Tribe Camp

Do you want to partner with an established brand?
Why not become a part of our growing team of
Beddha Tribe Camp experts and host one of our events?
Nor only will it enable you to develop your hosting skills,
you will earn money and have direct access to a whelp new audience!