Cupping Therapy is one of the best-kept secrets of ancient Egyptian Culture and also recommended by the Physiotherapist and the beauty therapist. This alternative medicine tecnique promotes health and wellness to your body in so many ways that you can not imagine! "Skin pinch and roll" technique is the only efficient technique recognised by professionals to fight cellulite and fluid retention. With their mechanical action it removes the 'orange-peel' effect from your skin. But this technique is not only a "beauty treatment", this non-invasive and safe tool helps to manage pain and cure some diseases' effects.

+ releases stress and tension
+ reduces inflammation & removes toxins
+ drains lymphatic fluid & depuffs skin
+ reduces cellulite
+ reduces appearance of stretch marks
+ enhances collagen production
+ tones muscles on arms, legs, buttocks and stomach
+ boosts immune system
+ reduces allergy symptoms
+ relieves fibromyalgia and back pain
+ enhances athletic performance 
+ releases post workout cramps
+ massages colon for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Enjoy more benefits when combined with your beauty routine, acupuncture, after yoga or a fitness workout. Unbreakable, portable, you can take it anywhere. 

Tips & Care
Start by applying oil, on the desired surface of the skin, then squeeze firmly your THE BEDDHA Cup to remove the air content and place it on the area to be treated. Start moving the cup - avoid staying for long on the same part to prevent heamatoma -  over the skin doing horizontal and then vertical motion and also make letter "S" movements. These movements can be completed regardless of the skin zone to be treated (buttocks, abdomen, hips, etc.) for at least 5 min per each body zone indicated. The pinching of the skin occurs after you release the cup. Necessarily apply oil to the skin before to proceed with the treatment. If you want you can also do your massage in the shower having advantage of soapy water. Redness and itching sensation may occur due to the increased vascularity. These effects disappear within a minute after the end of the massage. If the treatment will be painful reduce the massage time and proceed pinching cup less to reduce power in the suction area. After 5 sessions you should feel less pain and free to increase the power of your treatments, pinching a larger fold of skin and gradually increase the massage time. This is prohibited to people suffering from high blood pressure, having varicose veins, dermatological diseases, skin lesions, sores, burns. And also on stomach if pregnant. 

You will receive 2 cups in two different sizes for different part of the body, in rose glitter design, an exclusive THE BEDDHA studied to match the Rose Quartz Tools Line. They are in 100% medical grade, food safe silicone that does not support microbial growth.