Facial steam is more and more trendy. Everyone recommends it for beauty and a healthy skin. But we think it is more than this. There’s been a resurgence of interest around facial steaming, the old-school ritual that involves immersing your face in a cloud of warm vapors while you simply breathe... raising it to a mindful practice! Steaming has gained traction among a new breed of herbalists and holistic therapists as a self-care exercise that soothes skin and psyche, that requires you to unplug, sit still, and be present in the moment. A big deal in the era of instant plumping and no beauty routine and self-love.

Steam has been long been recognized as the key to helping open pores, soften skin, increase circulation and allow better penetration of various serums and moisturizers. Adding a botanical blend the steam releases the essential oils of the plants and allows them to gently interact with your skin as you release impurities and the heat induces sweating, which further flushes out pores. Freshly cleaned pores are better able to absorb skin creams with active ingredients such as retinol based-products or prescription creams from your dermatologist.

You don’t have to visit your day spa to enjoy the benefits of a good facial steam, you can do your own mini steam at home using our FLORALFLOW. A gorgeous blend, a botanical facial steam super natural. When part of your regular skin-care practice, the long-term benefits of steaming can be significant. The practice delivers more than a supernatural glowing complexion.                        

Just be sure you start with freshly washed skin and don’t steam for more than 10 minutes as over steaming can have the opposite effects on your skin! You’ll need a pot of boiling water, a heat safe bowl in ceramic or glass and a towel, large enough to cover your shoulders, head and bowl. K
eeping your face about 25-45 cm (10-18 inches) from the steam. This creates a mini sanctuary where you “just hangs out” for few minutes. Then follow with a mask, serum or moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

If you’re suffering from any skin trauma, including various types of dermatitis, inflammation or severe acne, save the steam facial for another time.