Zoom Iron Core Myofascial Tool
Zoom Iron Core Myofascial Tool

Iron Core Myofascial Tool


IRON CORE is a curved edge 100% stainless steel instrument, whose heart shape adapts, thanks to its concave and convex shapes, to the various parts of the body.

Its design with multiple handles allows ease of use, minimal manual stress and a deep tissue penetration, allowing you to isolate and accurately treat adhesions and fascial restrictions.

On the tip of the tool there is a small sphere that allows you to act on deep muscular planes, better reaching the Trigger Points.

Its small size, the numerous parts of the body to which it adapts, and the material of which it is composed, make it a functional tool for athletes and sportsmen, and ideal for prompt assistance in the room and for use in the shower.

Soft tissue mobilization using instruments is a non-invasive approach, very effective for treating both chronic and acute conditions and thus allowing complete myofascial functional recovery.

In conjunction with the appropriate therapeutic exercise performed by experts in the field, surgical steel tools, used directly on the skin, are valid allies in the treatment of fascial restrictions, soft tissue fibrosis, chronic pain and even in the case of acute inflammation (treating the tissues upstream and downstream of the inflammation and not directly the inflamed area).

In addition, other studies have also shown improvements in range of motion and strength.