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Gua Sha and Roller could be considered two of the secrets of Eternal Youth came from the Chinese Empresses to the Modern Goddesses of our days. Today Gua Sha and Roller are considered as botox competitors.

We included both beauty tools in one set for you to combine the beauty benefits of the massaging (roller) and scraping (gua sha stone) methods introducing them with our newest daily/night concept as both will have cumulative results to knead away fine lines, fatigue, stress and muscle tension to get a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Both tools complement each other, working simultaneously to achieve transformative results. While the roller is best used in the morning to detox and sooth fatigues skin and puffy eyes, the gua sha is best to use at night as it massages deeper in the epidermis layers; reaching into the parasympathetic nervous system to eliminate the build up toxins in the lymph nodes whilst toning the facial muscles and stimulating collagen production for a healthy glow and high-quality skin tone. Read more about Benefits & Tips

Raise the Vibe of your Skin Tribe!

The Flow Tribe – you’re a natural empath. Sensitive to people’s emotions and always willing to offer a shoulder to cry on may leave you tired or emotionally drained at times. Rose Quartz Glow Enhancer Tribe is made from the “crystal of Venus”, stimulating the blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins and impurities. The vibrations of love emitted from the stone help unblock the energy that clogs the heart chakra, letting go of stress and negativity that can cause tensions in the muscles which causes fine lines and wrinkles.

Specs : Rose Quartz. New superior quality welded and yellow gold plated roller. Each tool is a piece of nature, so it will be unique and differ in size and color. [ This product is excluded from the right of withdrawal - returns policy ]

Vendor: The Beddha Collection