BHTG: Italy, Our Next Well-being Destination

Welcome to a new year of exciting BHTGs and BTCs!
2020 is going to be fantastic for wellness, travelling, and The Beddha.

Our calendar is full of events and dates because we have noticed and experienced firsthand the growing interest showed by our community of goddesses (and gods). The enthusiasm, attendance, and emotional involvement have outgrown our expectations. Full of this renewed energy we have thought to dedicate our first 2020 The Beddha Holistic Travel Guide to Italy, focusing on The Beddha Tribe Camp experience.

Italy could be the next well-being mecca and we are among the first to say it and introduce our holistic way to goddess lifestyle!

We truly hope that our desire will become a reality. In the meantime, we are doing what is in our power and in line with our personal philosophy, to contribute to the expansion of self-care according to the new holistic lifestyle approach that has been taking the female sphere by storm.

If you embrace our same vision you can finally take part to the experience joining one of our events held in Italy, that are changing the way women look at wellness and themselves.

Just one held yesterday in Vicenza at Historic House Squarzi Palace (pic on top) but more are coming.

We welcome you to our BTCs on:

Saturday January 25th 15:00 | Frida Beauty Ritual | Novellara
Sunday January 26th 10:30 | Frida Beauty Ritual | Serra De Conti
Friday January 31st 18:00 | Frida Beauty Ritual | Bolzano
Saturday February 22nd 15:00 | Crystal Beauty Ritual | Novellara
Sunday February 23rd 16:30 | Womb Detox Ritual | Fabriano
Sunday March 8th 11:00 | Frida Beauty Ritual | Locorotondo

We have created a unique Goddess Circle workshop as Beauty Rituals for women tap into their divine feminine and learn how to heal their skin, mind and soul using meditative beauty tools and ancient wisdom.
Beauty Rituals experienced as Mindful Activity. Meditative moments dedicated to the higher self, moments that require mindfulness, intention and time.

To date, The Beddha experience consists of 3 formats that differ and get personalised according to the practitioner skills and background. They are: Detox Beauty Ritual, Crystal Beauty Ritual, Frida Beauty Ritual.
Check out here to see details of each event.

And there is more.

1. BTC is expanding its offering and we will make events branded ESSIREE. In spring/summer we will introduce retreats and all day events.

2. Just launched and in full operation is ‘Partner With Us’, a marketing service addressed to practitioners already working in the market, or to individuals new to this field:

Uplevelling Suite: marketing solutions to experts that don’t have time to forge and build clientele, and marketing tailored strategy to promote our partners’ conscious events. Free Welcome Package material is available for professionals to download. Go here to know more.

Conscious Concierge: a curation service offered to like-minded individuals who are new to creating events or are struggling to do it all on their own. Go here for more information. 

From few hours to all day long events, from marketing solutions to consulting, the view on holistic approach is changing in Italy thanks to BTCs and ESSIREE (of which, events soon to be launched). Happenings held in partnerships and hosted in prestigious venues first throughout Europe, and now in Italy.


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