DIY Beauty Means Going Back To Basics

Despite the season (full winter), beauty is in full bloom. And its rise doesn’t seem to decrease. With so much attention, customers are always on the search for the next thing.
Therefore keeping an eye on conscious consumerism, the environment and keeping up with market requests, is not an easy task.

The last appealing “trend” in self-care, integrates all these aspects. We are talking about DIY beauty!

A trend that really looks interesting, and we’d say it’s an evolution of what was already there.
In the last few years brands have introduced the possibility to add and blend drops of serums or boosters to basic components. DIY beauty is a step forward.

It embraces sourcing materials and freshness, self-love and rituals, personalisation and control. And it can be “fun” because it’s an interesting practice where you are in control and can create a sort of daily ritual.

The concept is to reduce the number of shelf products because you don’t need everything. You just need some basic ingredients that you can mix together according to your need, climate and season materials availability.

Ingredients like cream bases, oils, serums, topic solutions that can be blended together addressed to specific skin concerns.

Though this trend is relatively new and unknown to many, it is no longer a niche pursuit. According to some market research reports, about 41 per cent of beauty consumers use a DIY product on a monthly basis, with facial cleansers being the most popular product to create.

How many of us can relate to this report? We at ESSIREE can certainly do. Despite this encouraging data, well known brands have not embrace the trend.

Why is that?

There are some reasons including costs involved, short shelf items lives, difficulty in sourcing fresh materials, low margins, efforts required to educate the public. Not every customer is DIY- friendly user. At least so far.

But not an issue for us, and we believe not for our public.

Sourcing materials can be challenging since you always need pure ingredients that must be stored in safe places and shipped quickly to guarantee freshness. Establishing relationships with local artisans and global farms is therefore important so to be able to trace the exact origins. Something conscious consumers are well aware.

It doesn’t have to be complicated though. Pre-mixed products can be created to give an easier way for customers to tune in with this concept. Or bundles that come with detailed instructions explaining how to blend ingredients. Therefore information is key.

Is it just a fad or something more?

Difficult to say, but conscious consumers and consumers in general want to be more and more in control. And this is an effective way to beauty personalisation.

Since we believe in rituals, in educating the public to new use of products, in self-care; since we have built a platform where visitors can navigate, gather information and educate themselves about wellness and a conscious consumption; and since we run events where attendants embrace beauty rituals, DIY beauty resonates with our brand vision and personality.

It means we have embraced the new trend and experimented with it to deliver a new addition to The Beddha collections. Stay tuned to know more about the new line named "Goddess of Alchemy"!


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