The Expert Collection: When Technology Meets Meditation

New and interesting offers materialize in The Beddha's product portfolio.

Two devices will be introduced (matched with a new slogan you will find on our packaging, "The Expert Collection. When Technology Meets Meditation", which embrace modern technologies capable of accompanying women on their path of personal care. That is, two instruments with coloured LED light, designed to assist during the phases of chromatic visualization and chakras meditation.

Why offering these cutting-edge technological products? Because we feel two needs:

  1. That of merging past and present, and offer, alongside the millenary tradition, cutting-edge technology. Because we feel that only in this way there will be a real progress capable of breaking down mental and cultural barriers. So next to the more traditional gemstone products such as gua-shas and rollers, which remain our core reason and mark our beginning, you will soon find other offers that demonstrate our growth. We are inspired by the past, but we live in the present.

  2. That of responding to all the possible requests that occur in a woman's life cycle, as expressed by the different types of women. Needs and wants that reflect age, lifestyle, personal curiosities and different budgets

This is how we see inclusiveness. Which in practical terms means:

  • Including what is technologically modern

  • Including all categories/market segments, even the most exclusive or niche (individual or SPA/beauty centre)
    So, with these considerations in mind, we have decided to introduce:

  1. A third generation LED mask with NASA technology, 3RD EYE Led Mask. A very innovative product in the beauty sector

  2. An RF/EMS & Led device, I-CRYSTAL, a small tool that will be included in the BTC, our expanding events that now have a second format

The Led Mask, a premium product for a niche and professional market segment, has features that make it unique with its exclusive technology (a patented LED NIR module) and the higher number of lights (690), compared to other similar products available on the market, in red, blue, pink mode. For visible results in less time (2/4 weeks compared to 4/8 standards). Addressed to problematic skin and to those women who are always looking for the next and exclusive thing in order to tone and reduce signs of aging. A mask whose result is the outcome of researches aimed at solving the needs of a demanding niche that wants visible results obtained in the comfort of their home. Which translated means practicality and ease of use (with wireless solution).

The RF/EMS & LED tool is a small device that combines LED light (same colours as 3RD EYE Led Mask, red, blue and pink, but with only 4 lights compared to the 690 of the mask) with RF and EMS radio frequency. In addition to these features, the thing that makes this tool special is its design that takes the shape of a crystal. I-CRYSTAL, in perfect harmony, reflects the spirit of the brand so as to have generated a turning point within the Beddha Tribe Camp. The second format takes the title of BTC "Crystal Beauty" with Chakra Meditation and Beauty Balance and includes the use of chromotherapy, crystals/facial grid and the new device.

In the next article we will explain in more details the benefits of radio frequency combined with LEDs. So stay tuned because wonderful synergies come to life ...


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