Guess The End

As a welcome back to your daily life, after a long warm summer, we wanted to offer you something special. We asked ourselves, what could have a positive impact on someone's life, help and inspire a woman to acclimate to her normal life schedule, and be fun and self-discovering and useful at the same time in the long term? Guess The End was our answer.

Before explaining in more details the project, let's talk about the mind.

One of the things psychologists say is helpful to overcome blue periods (like post holidays) and lack of confidence, is to imagine ourselves in positive situations. So for example if we want to succeed in exams, job interviews, work or start up projects, or simply increase our energy and happiness, we start creating a film of that situation in our mind depicting every single moment, adding as many details as possible, including happy memories and feelings. And ending our own film imagining ourselves succeeding. In other words, what we should do is to visualize our well-being.

We talked in the past about visualization and how to manifest our intentions, and in this occasion we add just a few other pieces.

Paul McKenna calls it The Power of the Mind.

The mind influences what we do, and if we think and act more positively and confidently, we noticeably improve our life, mastering our emotions run our own mind. Deliberate ways of thinking and acting create results. So if you imagine and act in your visualization for an happy ending, it is likely you will achieve the result you are looking for.

Negativity intoxicate our behaviour letting us believe we are not good enough and have an impact in our beliefs and actions. Negative thoughts are like a virus because they act in the unconscious mind.

To achieve a goddess lifestyle start from the mind. Re-programming means you have to repeat positive messages, and while you do that think about things you want to change in your life. It is also a practice that requires a deeper understanding of why you are who you are.

Each day dismantle one of the negative generalizations you have learned during the course of your life. Invert the process and build positive ones. In time you will make tiny changes that initiate a chain reaction that will affect many other aspects of your life.

To go back to our project, in addition to the details explained on The Beddha Instagram account, here is the why.

Like us, you probably read many posts on social media about self-confidence, self-love, self- knowledge, etc. Great messages but we have started noticing a lack of depth. They all look the same. It's like a mantra that has lost its message. That's why we thought about something that could be different. A game that it's playful but thoughtful: Guess The End Challenge! Though it's only a game, if you take part you are invited to activate your imagination. And when you do that, inspired by the beautiful photograms, think optimistically. Think mindfully. Instil positivity in your mind!

The project also coincides with the Venice Film Festival and September, the season of abundance.

Because of all the reasons above, read below to participate.

To celebrate the events we are offering you the chance to get a massive 40% off The Beddha products + a free surprise gift.

How? Guessing the ending of a fragmented video.

Go to The Beddha IG account. You will see the first of three fragments of the same video (stay tuned for the following videos) displayed not in the correct order. The first video shows Goddess @khmelly in three different moments of her Goddess Lifestyle.

A fourth full version of the video will show the correct ending.

To enter:
Like the post
Share it tagging a friend in comments
DM The Beddha with your guess (DM will be the way we give you the CODE to get the discount if you answer correctly the ending)

A selection of gifts are available. If you want to have a guess, you can start now, no need to wait for the other 2 videos.

Let's play. Let's make the impossible happen.


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