Self Conscious Hedonism

Spring is on its way, and nature seems to heighten our senses and offer us the chance of renewal and fall in love with ourselves.

We must size the day!

It seems a selfish act, but we often exhaust ourselves looking for the impossible, when self discovery has the power to bring us calm. It is a wonderful experience. We should pay more attention to the little things that make us special and nurture ourselves with self- care.

And this is why I want to introduce tools that can help us in this process of self-love discovery, while taking care of ourselves. Tools that have been made with love and intention, keeping in mind high-quality hardware, aesthetic, and our needs to fight ageing.

The Beddha has recently introduced Glow Enhancer Tribes, 3 sets of beauty tools that combine ancient Chinese secrets (and modern philosophy), and each includes a roller and a gua sha carved from Opalite, Rose Quartz, and Black Obsidian.

The difference between the three lies in their metaphysical properties.
Opalite boosts self-esteem, improves a sense of self-worth and unleashes inner strength. Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It fosters unconditional love and compassion. The crystal’s energy is believed to link to the heart chakra.
Black Obsidian assists the body in clearing and removing all negative energies from the aural field, including harmful emotions.

The tools raison d’être is to help us find our ‘beauty tribe’, smooth our skin for a natural radiant healthy appearance and reduce fatigue, stress, and muscle tension along with fine lines. The fact they are made out of stones is a plus (if you believe in the power of crystals and their healing properties, or if you prefer, their inherent qualities to bring back us to nature).

The roller has detox properties for morning use. The gua sha has deeper effects and it’s for evening use. Their use improves circulation, boosts collagen, increases hydration, tightens pores, reduces puffiness, adding glow to your skin as a final touch.

I have started testing the Rose Quartz roller a few weeks ago, and added the use of gua sha to my daily self-care routine only recently.
I make time and space for silence and solitude, and I apply a few drops of a plant based oil on my skin. I roll over the face especially around the eye area to depu
ff my swollen eyes and around my jaw line to firm my skin. The roller helps reduce the amount of product absorbed by my fingers so more product is absorbed into my face skin. They say it’s good practice to keep tools in the fridge.

Personally I don’t do it in winter; I will in summer (in China, some aestheticians finish facials with a cool roller).
After each use I clean them with water and dry them with a cloth/towel. No soap or any other products that can damage the stone.

It has been a learning experience of progressive sense of wellbeing. For sure it requires time, I don’t know if these tools do all they claim to do, but it’s definitely a relaxing ritual that amplify my development of self.

Because underneath the surface, it is a thoughtful and delicate way to give my body the time, attention and love it deserves, and to connect with my inner and outer femininity. So I can become stronger, calmer and more grounded. They say a solid sense of self gives a firm foundation for living in this world.

Remember: you are a true beaut inside and out. So, hug yourself from head to toe. Embrace your new tools. Make them part of your beauty self-love ritual/routine. Foster feelings of self-love. Stay in touch with yourself.

As Michelle Obama says: ‘We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.

Sending all the love


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