BHTG: Transformative Vibes In Magical Peru

What does come up in your mind when you think about Peru?

Ancient civilisation, nature, walks, trekking, colourful and tasselled clothes, mythical heritage wall- hangings, but not that often Peru is viewed as a place for yoga and meditation. Well, think again, because Peru, our third destination, has a lot to offer to serious spiritual seekers, thanks to its sacred spaces, tours and especially ceremonies and rituals.

Within the pristine natural beauty of Sacred Valley of Peru, sacred feminine retreats are organised where women can join circles of sisterhood and embark on transformational journeys. Experiences that can be more powerful than traditional rituals and can include Shamanic (plant) Ceremony for a deep exploration of body, mind and spirit. Yoga and meditation are included, along with goddess invocation, dance, group sharing, expansion, manifestation, harmonization, connection to sacred sites and prayer.

These ceremonies can be very intensive with profound inner transformational consequences, therefore these rituals are addressed to responsible individuals ready to open their hearts and minds. The idea is to cut away layers of illusion, to empower women and unveil the Goddess within.

In the same area of Sacred Valley is located the Temple of the Sun, a small terraced amphitheater that is considered one of the most spiritually powerful places of Peru. Here at the rhythm of a shaman’s drum receive the blessings of the mountains, and follow a profound inner journey.

A different introduction to the wild landscapes of Peru is the massive red rock of Aramu Muru, deeply embedded within a shaped doorway. A mysterious project that nobody knows when it was built, that, when touched with your forehead, gives you a sense of gateway to higher levels of consciousness. The wall and two adjacent shafts transmit energy to individuals who believe in the power of the past. The doorway is a sort of initiation and one of the most spiritually activating places to visit in Peru. It is known as the spiritual doorway of the Incas.

The village of Amantani offers sunrise ceremony to Viracocha, the supreme god of the Incas, where you are encouraged by birdsong to walk in the dark, to go up the steep hillside and be present when the sun rises while the shaman burns incense.

Explore the magical vortexes of Machu Picchu and experience the crown jewel of Peru’s sacred sites. The place to meditate with its scene of solar alignments, roofless temples, and crumbling buildings.

A must visit along with the Amazon Forest with its overwhelming loud energy of the forest that can lull you in deep reflection.

If you want to reconnect to the divine, embrace Ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine revered for its healing and divinatory properties. The ceremony includes purgative qualities so train yourself and follow a pre and post diet prior to the sacred event. It’s a conscious ritual that involves a mental and physical cleaning process. Toxins, accumulated over a lifetime, will be expelled. A profound path of growth and reconnection with one’s own deep soul.

Because of recent popularity, ayahuasca ceremonies are big business. So be vigilant and protect your boundaries from unscrupulous people.

Speaking of Inner journeys and spiritual adventures, another less known ceremony held in Peru, is San Pedro.

San Pedro, also named Wachuma, is a cactus that has been used in sacred medicine for 3000 years. It’s a plant used in ceremonies to help people to connect and better perceive the self overcoming barriers and limitations. A sacred heart tool that makes possibile to connect the individual with mother nature and the divine.

As you can see, all these events require time and real belief. They can last a daylong, require attention, and intention. Because of this, and since they can be profoundly deep and transformative, you really need to be willing to do them. So as usual, and even more than usual, if you want to go through these experiences, select the best services and check the logistic, including the presence of an experienced guide/teacher during the entire ceremony, to provide you with assistance and advice.

Sending good vibes


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