In The Company Of Women: Janice

Is wellness an inclusive industry? We read the word inclusive everywhere, how companies are making efforts to include people from all gender and race, we rarely hear the voice age. Yet we all age, but obsessed as we are by youth we often tend to leave it to the future...

For our series in the company of women, this week we talk about age and how women can embrace a healthy lifestyle at every stage of their lives. We introduce you to Janice, a senior who enjoys life and wellness.

Tell us about yourself, how and when you made the choice to live a good life and keep yourself physically and mentally in shape?

Janice: back in the '60s/'70s there was a big movement that I can't say it started all, but for sure made things happen as never seen before. Things that younger generations now are embracing again. The movement included: second wave feminism, battles for social justice, yoga and new age. Young people think they invented the wellness industry, but reality is, you didn't.
I made this new vision part of my own vision in my twenties and carried out for years.

You are right, but I don't think the younger generation forgets about it, principles stay the same but the aesthetic is different and has lost its hippy appeal that was very related to the flower child generation. I see it as a fluid idea that evolved and evolves consistently reflecting the times

I agree today the vision is different but yoga, pilates, crystals, spirituality are the same.
What I like it today, that I have never experienced before, is the way the message is spread and communicated. The way things are organized. I occasionally use social media, mainly to stay in touch with family. I don't really use it to engage with friends. The fact new generations use it as a tool to communicate, I find it really interesting. Also I like the use of tutorials that help you to understand how to do things from meditation to setting intentions.
In my days we did women's circles, we shared, we meditated and practiced yoga, but we did it in person. The approach was different, very intimate and beautiful as long as you had access to it. But if you lived in the middle of nowhere you were on your own. The great thing about the Internet is that you can communicate with everyone everywhere at anytime.

How did you happen to know about The Beddha?

My daughter talked to me about how women were interested in a certain lifestyle again, she mentioned a few names and brands. This is how I discovered you. And I started reading your posts and stuff like that. My daughter inherited my same interest in all mystical and feminist.

Do you have any ritual?

Yes, I do. Especially at my age you need to practice because it can really help your posture.
I personally think yoga is good at every age and can help bounce back easily if you had an injury. As usual, it's only a question of will...
So, I practice my morning yoga to stretch my muscles and bones in order to maintain a certain flexibility and balance. And I always look after myself, mentally as well. Yoga improves mood.
I love crystals, I cannot say I follow any ritual, but I like to collect them.

Do you attend any special events?

Unfortunately I don't. I wish I did. I used to join so many women events in my youth.. you have no idea how intense those years were for women. Then you start a family and you lose contact, and when you want to start again it's not late, you can, but you rarely find company. Women my age are not confident or interested enough, sometimes they say we are too old.

I do occasionally attend events with my daughter, but mainly talks and fairs. No circle of women and meditation evenings, as I would like. I could go on my own but I have to admit, it's not easy to go to these events alone at my age. Because the majority of women are in their 30s/40s. And I feel out of context. It's nobody's fault. It is the way it is.

I am sure there are women your age out there interested as you are...

For sure there are, but again it depends where you live.

What I do though, is to subscribe to some online classes. My daughter set everything up for me, and it's very good. You can find senior teachers that are excellent because of their experiences. And it's all very enjoyable.

Definitely a great idea. It's a different way to share space and feel the energy, but it can be very nice.

Yes, the Internet made these things possible for almost everyone.