In The Company Of Women: Johanna Maggy

Hi Johanna Maggy, thank you for taking part in our Say Om Project.
The caption written on our t-shirt is a way of life for many and we'd love for you to share with our readers what the slogan means for you by answering these five questions...

Om is more a vibrational sound than a word. It has many spiritual meanings but for us in our day to day life, it's a sound to remind us to take time out to be present in the moment and to find joy in stillness.
What is your "Om" moment? How do you find inner peace or meditate? 

JM - Just close my eyes and take a deep breath for few minutes, specially when I am out doors in nature. 

On our t-shirt, our slogan is "Say OM, Open, Enjoy and Join!".
Being "open" has many meanings and connotations. What does being open mean to you?   

JM - Open for me could mean free mind, being open for other points of view and other ways to live life. Take suggestions from other people with open mind and respect other visions. 

We believe to live is to enjoy life. What gives you "joy"?

JM - Spend good moments with my family and friends. 

What group of people, concept or way of life did you "join" that you benefited from? 

JM - My spiritual family that I know from Aniwa, the community of indigenous leaders and wisdom keepers.

How has being mindful changed your life?

JM - I think I have always been mindful, I was raised that way. But being a mother and living life through my sons eyes grew a lot my mindfulness ways to be. Children are so pure and I love the way they think and they are my greatest teachers.