In The Company Of Women: Julie and Maya

Today we introduce the story of Julie and Maya, two friends who are currently living in Paris, after years spent in London and Milan.

They decided to come back to their country, because its there they want to establish their business, in the wellness industry! And The Beddha, along with other brands and people involved in this segment of the mar- ket, inspired the choice!

Tell us a little more about you

Julie: I was born in Paris, I am half French and half Polish. I am a fashion buyer, and worked in the fashion industry for more than ten years with experiences in Paris, Milan and London. During my days in London I met Maya.

Maya: I was born in Paris as well and I am a fashion designer. I love fashion and especially conscious fashion. This brought me to where I am today. Despite loving fashion I am also rejecting it. I am rejecting how it is produced and the way it is consumed.

Right, this the tipping point that brought you together

Maya: yes, we were both working for a fast fashion, fast delivery company. When you produce in such a frantic environment and talk to people from the other part of the world and the only thing that counts is how cheap and fast they can deliver a garment, and if they don't meet your requirement you hang up and talk to the next manufacturer, and you keep doing it until you find someone desperate enough to accept your offer, you realize that the system is broken. We are creative people, where is creativity in all that.

Julie: we thought, there must be a different way. That was a few years back, when many women working for big fashion companies started to question the method. In just a few years things have changed. I mean things are evolving in a positive way though fast fashion brands and products are not going away, they just change names. But the fact we started questioning the production system, that is good.

I think many new independent designers are starting their own companies because of the system. Of course, this is not the only reason, but one of the reasons.

In what way your career and business decision meets The Beddha and the wellness industry?

Julie: along with fashion, we love astrology, crystals, women empowerment, tarots, meditation. I read about The Beddha on a fashion magazine. I liked the goddess idea etc. The Beddha is one of the brands we are looking at for inspiration. But it’s not the only one, as our business idea is slightly different. We want to concentrate more on crystals/astrology/meditation, less on tools and natural products. More on events and experiences and less on own production. Crystals are mega important to us!

Maya: and we also want to add some fashion garments that can go along with the whole concept. What is also important to us is the self-empowerment idea and that each business can support the other one. It's about collaboration vs competition.

Were you always interested in meditation, nature, crystals?

Julie: yes and no. I was fascinated but not devoted to it, at least not in my twenties. I think the cultural moment we are living now, my job, personal events, all brought me to this place. Life happens and you evolve and appreciate things and start meditating about life...

Maya: my mother has always been interested in yoga and nutrition, and always prepared home made organic healthy food for the family. In my teens I rejected all that. Now I appreciate her lifestyle. The difference between what is happening now vs then, is that the new generation is creating something more stylish. We both come from an industry where aesthetic is important and we want to apply this concept to this moment. And from what we see around, we are not the only one who think it's time to add some style to the new age movement..

Do you follow any rituals?

Julie: of course we do! But in our own way. We both attend events and women circles where we share experiences and meditate. We sage our crystals during the full moon with other women. And have tarot evenings! From a personal level, I meditate in the evening and set my intention for the following day.

Maya: on top of what Julie said, I practice yoga. And on a more pleasurable level, I also take baths. I consider the long preparation part of a calming ritual and a way to respond to stressful situations.

What are your next steps then?

Julie and Maya: we are still working part time and do consulting. We are savings for our future business. We hope to be in operation sometime soon but we are not there yet. If, on the business side we are not ready, mentally, we are in the right place...