Reprogramming Your Life: Self-image

We talked a few times in the past about visualisation, and you probably read elsewhere, as manifesting, setting intentions and visualising are part of mindfulness.

Practices that if well used, can improve your life.
But this is where the problem starts.

Despite the vast use of these words, what you often read are generalisations, that never really go into details. If we really want make things happen and succeed in our plans, we need to go behind the act of visualising, starting from scratch.

And this is where and when we thought that it could be useful to create a Practical Guide to help you find a method.

What we would like to do in the following weeks as part of our Mindful Thinking and Goddess Lifestyle series on The Beddha Mindful Rooftop blog, is to go deeper and write a path, where you can find exercises to reprogramming your life, that’s what we aim to. Manifesting and visualising are part of this process.

In this way we think it will be easier for you to incorporate various techniques in your daily life and live experiences you always dreamed of.

In order to do that, you need to take charge of your life and be ready and prepared to embrace change. If you don’t, someone or something else will do. So you will always find excuses to avoid this change.

If you want to take charge of your life, you need to take responsibility for yourself, for your actions, for your decisions. And face what makes you feel bad and separate you from the life you aspire to. Remember, you are the one who decides.

It can be tough, but the journey is well worth.

We believe the starting point is to change the way we perceive our self image. Mentally and physically. Because much starts here and affects our behaviour.

Reprogramming your self-image
Our social, working, and personal life is determined by how we perceive ourselves. And this perception comes from our family history and the culture we live-d in. And it has nothing to do with our true, authentic self that is who and what we really are. Though we cannot change the past, we can change how we perceive ourselves therefore see things. And because imagination is more powerful than logic, we can use it and reprogram our self-image realigning it to our true self.

In order to do that, try this technique:

  1. Breath in. Breath out. Relax your muscles. Clear your mind. This process helps unlashing your imagination that’s what you need in this exercise

  2. Now imagine a new you standing in front of you. Imagine your authentic self in its true splendid nature

  3. Look at how your true self looks, acts, moves, talks. Ideally how your authentic self solves problems and handles situations

  4. Step into your true self. Look through its eyes. Synthesize with your true self and feel how good it is

  5. Finish your session by imagining/daydreaming how good would it be live your life as your authentic self. Being who you really, truly are. Being true to your authentic self and not to the idea/byproduct of someone else’s dream.

Practice this exercise every day until you find you have realigned your self-image to your true self. It could take some time before you can actually create this image. But when (not if, instead when) it happens, you will feel liberated. This will be the first step in reprogramming your life, because change starts from the inside before it changes on the outside.


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