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We will be forever grateful to London, as the UK capital has been home to our first anniversary retreat, BTC, our first event of its kind ever held in the history of our young brand. On top of that, we think London deserves a space on its own in Beddha Holistic Travel Guide for reasons that go beyond our personal experience.

Since 2010, the city has secured itself a place in the list of the most interesting places to visit for self-care practices and services.

One of the early adopters of the Now Age Movement, London rapidly caught up with other wellness hotspots around the world, showing great interest towards female wellness. Spiritual approaches spread from East to South to West End. What was once seen as a new trend embraced among cool kids in fashionable areas, is now becoming less of a treat and more of a way of life.

Wellness hubs are also becoming the new social hubs, where women from different walks of life gather and find peace. Along with relaxation and body treatments, these spaces are becoming places to meet, connect, share ideas and learn new things, while improving the overall well-being.

A load of new openings happened in the last year in the capital, along with the appearance on the scene of new products and things. Fads will evaporate, but true interest will remain.

We have compiled a list of treats, places and events, some experienced first hand.

• Aura photography and reading
We are energy and aura photography captures the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Special equipment, created only for this purpose, converts the Aura. The end result is a polaroid portrait showing your aura as a snapshot of the moment.
Pictures are beautiful to look at, plus there is the colour reading based on the results.
Each colour (red, orange, tan, yellow, green, blue, purple and white), has a different meaning

Products containing CBD have become increasingly sought after in the UK in recent times. CBD is an all-natural compound found in the Cannabis genus plant that does not have psychoactive effects (in contrast to THC another compound in the plant). CBD has become renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, so to become a popular ingredient in beauty products, with some studies claiming it can reduce symptoms of acne. Stay tuned for future updates... we are working on new products with CBD

• Reiki, crystal healing and spirit-infused skincare
In the last few years crystals made a comeback. What’s happening now in London is that the healing power is becoming mainstream.
From skincare to accessories to candles to water bottles, crystals are part of the everyday routines to the point people no longer realise it

• Infrared saunas
Already popular in wellness hubs in NY and LA, backed by celebrities, infrared saunas are gaining popularity in London. Infrared heat can provide waves of a type of heat and light that can penetrate deeper into the body and heal deep tissue. Sweat benefits include: detoxification, skin glowing, reduction of stress

Of course, the little cave where we held our Beddha Tribe Camp, She’s Lost Control, is the place to visit for all soul searchers and modern mystics. A space that offers amazing events and ethically sourced crystals

• The Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival and Live Well London
Two of the many events dedicated to wellness held in London in 2020 for yogi, spiritual seekers and urban hippie

See you in London x x


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