Active Living

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. Confucius

A few weeks ago we launched a new unisex collection, THE CCHIUI, which in Salento dialect means "do more". A new addition to The Beddha family that introduces an extra principle and completes the brand lifestyle mission.

There are a few reasons for this new line.

• First of all, it means we answer to male requests (until now we only intercepted female needs), including them as well

• Furthermore, we introduce the principle of active living as opposed to a meditative and mindful lifestyle that has been our point of reference since the beginning of The Beddha. This new chapter, completes the brand mission and offering. In this way we will be able to cover all aspects and needs of a healthy and conscious life. Two different aspects that compliment each other, like yin and yang.

Let us introduce to what is meant by active living.

By active living we mean that behaviour that involves movement (not necessarily physical activity, though it can be part of it), in everyday life (such as walking or cycling), as opposed to moving with motorised transport.

A movement that is gradually gaining popularity because, as statistics show, life habits are increasingly closer to health patterns. At least compared to the recent past where alcohol and tobacco consumptions were higher. And cities are changing to approach this new way of life, redesigning urban landscapes to make room for cycling paths, wider sidewalks and green spaces.

Having said that and given an explanation of its principle, for us active living means also something else.

In fact, we should not only understand active living from the point of view of physical action. For us, active living means physical activity, fitness, self-care, but also caring for the self, conscious nutrition, travelling the world and following true passions. An active mind is also part of the context. A mind that asks questions and leads to action. The mind can be trained just like a muscle. A muscle can be trained just like a mind. They both require discipline and technique and a mindful approach.

Our goal is therefore to encourage the public to do more in the sense of moving more, self-caring, acting with awareness and conscience. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

It has been proven that physical activity improves mood and health (thanks to the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness), reduces the risk of chronic diseases, improves general well-being, reduces stress, gives energy. Equally helpful is inner search that makes us aware and conscious, assisting us in reducing anxiety and mood swings, and in building resilience.

Although the two principles of activity and stillness may seem distant, from our point of view, there is a common denominator that connects them: awareness. That creates an almost symbiotic relationship that leads to an active and mindful way of living.

We are just at the beginning of this new chapter of THE CCHIUI. The debut lifestyle product of the new line is Iron Core, the myofascial stainless steel soft tissue mobilisation tool for athletes and sport-minded people.

Follow us on this new path that merges into the ESSIREE platform.


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