Becoming The Beddha

In the last ten years the wellness industry has undergone an evolution lead by a new generation of women. Changemakers defined not by age or place, but by passion and lifestyle. A vision shared with other women around the world.

In our next series of articles we will introduce the story behind The Beddha. Our brand.
We will explore who these women all over the world are and why they embrace mindfulness lifestyle. Our target market.
We will then continue investigating the wellness business world from a female prospective. Our sisters.
We will come to an end talking about making a positive di
fference, shaping the future and leaving a legacy for the next generation. Our contribution.

The gradual development of The Beddha was a very organic one. A natural progression born from a personal need, interest and passion that the founder had at some point of her career.
This is a path that resonates with many women around the world, today more than ever. We want to follow our aspirations and we are no longer afraid to start a business and make things happen.

Always interested in holistic health and wellbeing, after years spent working as an image consultant in Italy, Stefania the founder left the country to experience a new chapter in her life and go through a physical and metaphysical journey. She settled in Miami, Florida, where she opened a coaching agency. Despite an unexpected early success, she felt something was missing in her life and went looking for that. She discovered something was happening in the local female community. Women were starting to explore new ways to reconnect with their inner soul and divine femininity. These like-minded women were gathering in sacred spaces in circles and practicing mindfulness exercises.

This soulful experience was a revelation. During these enriching female ritual events, she realized that the missing piece she has spent years looking for, was finally there.

Just to be clear, this is not a fairy tale, so when you want to start a business you need to go beyond you personal passion and investigate if this idea you have, is also something other women are interested in. Or it will remain a hobby.

And our founder did just that.

She noticed that her intuition and observations were supported by studies and market researches. Data collected showed that women were reclaiming their spaces after years of neglect and wanted to live experiences. They were willing to practice daily routines to reaffirm their personal connection with a purpose. This was the style of life they wanted.

Interviews revealed that a new need of consciousness along with a self-care and spirituality want was rising.

Strong with these new insights she relocated back to Italy to establish her brand and business merging Italian culture and skills with the new view. A brand able to bring the benefits of meditation along with healing natural products for self-care to all the women around the world. From Europe to Australia to Dubai...
A label built around a holistic and beauty lifestyle for modern goddesses.

It didn’t take too long to make her vision to happen.
Starting from finding the name, she designed a collection of wellness products that reflects and supports principles of self-love, self-awareness, women empowerment, sisterhood, modern femininity, and uses ancient knowledge and modern philosophy to enhance women beauty. A collection that is handmade and produced only in small batches, with ingredients carefully sourced to deliver luxurious products in accordance with principles of the slow life movement.

And so, after years of diligent research and testing, in the autumn of 2018, The Beddha, that means the beautiful, was born. A brand and a place where female wellness and spirituality are placed at the core of the label philosophy.

We have already illustrated in details the collection made of luxurious loungewear, detoxifying skincare, dedicated meditation tools able to heal and align mind, body and spirit. If you missed them, have a look for more information on our previous posts.

Though The Beddha was born from a personal need before it was The Beddha, the brand progressed into a business that provided and provides a solution for a real need solicited by women. And this is what makes an idea a solid business: finding a solution to a need, a problem women have, and making it viable on the market.

A lesson that all aspiring businesswomen should learn...

Sending big love


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