Lull Me To A Sweet Slumber

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. So says an old irish proverb.

And as we come close to the end of our batch of articles focused on daily rituals, we can gently bring our mind to a place of rest in our last post, and talk about sleep.

I don’t know how many of you were aware but a few weeks ago was World Sleep Day, an annual celebration of sleep and call to action on issues related to this recurring state of mind and body.

We spend one third of our life sleeping. Yet, it seems that sleep is often the first activity we sacrifice in order to meet our obligations or engage with personal activities. With negative consequences for our body as we disrupt its natural cycles and put stress on our mind. Without mentioning aches and pains.

When it comes to sleep deprivation, whether ongoing due to stress/work, own nature (light sleeper), or as a result of a single night’s out, there are some approaches for rest relief and quality sleep that can help your body synch with its natural circadian rhythms and help you make up for lost sleep. I selected some of them.

A short nap during the afternoon (a mere 10 minutes can be enough), common in the past or among elderly and babies, can provide an energy boost and a pleasurable relaxing remedy for lack of sleep. It can improve mood and memory.
Try to take a nap at the same time each day but make sure you don’t fall into deep a sleep.

Comforting balms, sleep mists, essential oils. They can trigger a sense of stability and induce a deep sleep in response.

Sleep comes when the mind is at ease. Therefore, mindfulness practices can improve your sleep in the evening. Pay attention to your daily habits from caffeine to alcohol you drink to physical activities you undertake. Try to listen to some relaxing music designed to quiet the soul. Calm your mind with some drawing and coloring. Relax your body with gentle sequences that ease tension in the body and help you let go of your day.

Learn to become less reactive to not sleeping. Learn to not let being awake bother you so much. Maintain a sense of calm. Being perfectly relaxed helps getting you a significant amount of healing rest even if you aren’t sleeping. But non-reactivity comes only with practice, and meditation helps getting there.

Yoga for sleep. Look inwards and use movement, stillness, breath and mindfulness to quiet your mind and lull yourself to bed.

Evening rituals. As mentioned in many of our previous articles, creating an evening ritual where you come home to yourself and practice some self-care/self-love exercises, take a warm petal bath, treat yourself with a mini-facial, helps to disengage from your daily events. In your sacred space you can find your buffer zone that moves you away from your work-day active self to your relaxed self. Or you can intentionally transform your bedroom into a sleep heaven.

Last but not least, surround yourself with soft pillows and blankets while listening to soothing music that has the ability to pull you out of your thinking mind and into the present moment.

And speaking of soft pillows...

They say the feeling of pure silk against the skin is as close to heaven as it can get.
An adage that perfectly fits SILKLANDIA, The Beddha trademark naturally hypoallergenic pillowcase made of 100% Mulberry Silk (the beauty secret of Chinese empresses), that comes with a lava pendant that collects essential oil for aromatherapy. A duo set designed for mutual benefits that helps you prepare for your beauty sleep.

The smooth surface of the fabric is like a massage for your senses, a cuddle that lulls you to a sweet slumber. Silk helps reduce stress, stimulating many of the skin’s sensory points while the essential oil gives the benefit of aromatherapy. Breathe deeply and allow the calming oils to help quiet the mind.

It is also an anti-aging solution that many professionals recommend (from hairdressers to dermatologists to holistic health coaches). Silk is less absorbent than cotton, leaving hair and skin more glowing. Silk is also an ideal solution for anyone with problematic skin conditions.

Take sleep seriously. It increases your concentration, attention, decision-making, creativity, social skills and health. It reduces your mood changes, your levels of anger, your impulsivity.

Prioritize you, prioritize relaxation, prioritize positive thoughts, reduce light exposure and turn off your digital devices long before bed time. It’s hard but a good night’s sleep is required to meet the demands and intentions of the following day.

Sending love to all the goddesses


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