Crystal Facial

Today I introduce a topic and a product that I believe is fascinating because it regards crystals and shows how The Beddha is ahead of the curve...

We are all aware (even the skeptics) about crystals.

The fascination goes back to the beginning of time when ancient civilisations used crystals to seek guidance and energy (crystals have been coined wisdom keepers for the power they hold within them). Very popular again during the flower power and the new age movement of the ‘60s, crystals have also been associated with healing powers.

Today what’s happening is very interesting, and mirrors our contemporary female wellness industry that fuses modern philosophy with traditional asian concepts of chakras and life-energy, where stones are used to connect the physical and spiritual elements of body and mind.

That means crystals are popping up from infused natural skincare to wellbeing and lifestyle products a trend embraced by affordable brands and luxe big names that are harnessing the power of gemstones and crystals in their most popular products.

Some green beauty brands are adding particles with crystals in their oils and creams or infusing their toners and fragrances with gemstones in order to deliver detoxing and distressing benefits.

Infusing skincare with crystals has also a metaphysical reason if you believe in the power of stones. Since crystals have been used for centuries to manifest intention, using them in skincare formulas will increase energy and reduce tension (leading to fewer fine lines, wrinkles and redness).

Personally I have gone from being very skeptic to being very enthusiastic about what is happening in the wellness industry, embracing this lifestyle and, as stated before, making self-care an integral part of my daily rituals. In the morning I use a rose quartz roller, in the evening a gua sha stone and do some yoga face, and now I am tempted by gem-infused products...

For sure my next step will be a DIY home crystal facial, a new emerging trend, that The Beddha has fully embraced with As A Gem, a lush concept in a jar.

As A Gem is a selection of crystals and gemstones to use on your face as a facial grid, chosen for their physical and metaphysical properties. A product that marries the mystical practice of healing crystals with beauty, promising a clearer mind and a clearer skin. A treat committed to create luxurious and restorative crystal-centric moments, that comes in two variations and works to stimulate different energy combinations for specific purposes.

All you need to do is lie down while stones embellish different areas of your face and work their magic.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies, and when you place them on different energy pressure points of your face, they absorb heat and release it with depuffing and relaxing effects. Different crystals can also increase blood flow providing a healthy glow.

It’s important how you place them but it’s equally important what formation is right for you and aligns with your beauty intentions. Some experts have created how-to guides to target specific concerns.

Though this is more a meditation process you can add a plant oil or a mask on your face to enhance the experience, as crystals can act as semiconductors.

As some dermatologists say, there is little evidence crystals have therapeutic benefits, however, cold stones on the skin help constrict blood vessels and can be used to enhance lymphatic drainage of excess fluid. And the meditative moment of relaxation can be therapeutic.

It sounds good enough for me and confirms what we already said about The Beddha Glow Enhancer Tribes sets.

Sending high vibes, and don’t forget to put your beauty tools in the fridge...


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