Heavenly Kimonos

This is the first of our next batch of articles for Mindful Rooftop that will focus on daily rituals and what we do to create a peaceful space to care about ourselves, set our intentions for the day and sleep well to restore our minds and make intentions possible.

And I would like to start from how we dress to undress from our daily uniforms we wear to face work, family, social life. Literally the fact that we need to take our clothes off to reveal our true souls. I don’t mean that in our daily activities we are fake, but we wear masks that society requires. And there is nothing wrong about that, because we cannot do what we always like or think. There are norms we have to conform, rules we have to comply, manners we have to follow. It’s just that, when we finally are alone in our sacred spaces, we can let it go.

It’s nice to relax...

So, how do we dress for coming home to ourselves?
Though we are free to adorn ourselves in whatever way and form we like, as part of its permanent collection, and on a mission to elevate the everyday, The Beddha created a kimono robe especially designed keeping in mind a female public of all ages. We might have di
fferent needs at different stages of life, but the want to remove our daily masks to uncover our true selves is ageless. And wrapping and embracing yourself in a regal robe that makes you feel precious, like a goddess, is priceless.

To achieve that feeling, and fill that need, we have made two choices: a non-toxic fabric; a neutral color palette.

As non-toxic fabric we opted for bamboo, for its cozy and sensual texture on women’s skin. A fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic and exhibits up to a 99% anti-bacterial rate. A plant that has a natural resistance to pest and fungal infestation and that is considered one of the most sustainable plants. Fast growing, it doesn’t require chemicals, pesticides and irrigation, and it is highly absorbent. In terms of fabric it means an excellent wicking ability to pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. Great for both hot and cold climates, a bamboo kimono offers built-in temperature control that works in winter and summer. During cool season, its cross- sectional fibers trap warm air and keep you warm. During hot season its breathable nature helps moisture at bay.

It is not a coincidence bamboo is wisely revered in China. The hardiest of grasses, it can bend almost to the ground in a storm and return upright when the gale has passed.

As a timeless palette, we started with the white one, and then introduced additional three colors: peach, sand and stone with oeko-tex standard 100 certified non-toxic dyes label.

The idea of white was inspired by the Kundalini meditation, and its spiritual association.
We then launched additional neutral colors to fill the need to enhance every woman skin tone and her earthly nature.

The kimono is an ideal spiritual uniform (or garment if you prefer), for home self-love evening rituals.

Speaking from a different and more mundane angle (a woman needs to talk about fashion and trends sometimes...), kimonos are next season big thing.

Following the latest fashion weeks, the Financial Times in its style section said that “not since the Beatles adopted the kimono on tour in 1966 has the influence of Japanese design been so strong in Western fashion”. And goes on citing Dior, Maison Margiela and Etro that have included Asian themes in their luxurious collections.

Kimonos might sound a new trend for luxury brands, but to be honest they were already a trend a few years ago, when fast fashion brands introduced them in various colors and shapes with a positive response from the female public. 
I remember millennials wearing them on Oxford Street in London...

You see, kimono has appealing features that trespasses age, seasons, time and even gender.

Elevate your womanhood, wrap yourself in luxury, and celebrate your divine feminine.

Sending big love


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