Daily Rituals

There is this theory I read about, that says that you need to start small in order to get into a routine. 30 seconds small. And for you to make it effective, you have to repeat the same action for a long period of time. At that point it will be second nature, and you will no longer notice. It will be a habit!

Whatever is your resolution (and since we share positive vibes only here, it must be positive), you can easily implement the 30-seconds action in your everyday life.

In order to remember this action you need to anchor it to something you normally do in your daily rituals, so to create an anchor habit.

It is important though, that your resolution, reflects your values and it is something you truly believe in. A goal you really want to achieve. You need to know the reasons behind your motivation, or you won't repeat the action, no matter how small.

Can you see how everything is connected (journaling, meditation, self-knowledge, self-love, resolutions and 30-seconds action and habit)?
Knowing your mind, knowing yourself, is the first step to change what you don't like about your life, to achieve goals, and reach your dreams.

Mine is only a brief explanation, but you can read more about Behaviour Model searching for BJ Fogg, the behavioural scientist who studied it.

Similar to this model, but applied to different situations there's a book I found very useful, Think Small by Owain Service and Dr Rory Gallagher.


So where do I start from here if I want to apply the theory? I start from my daily rituals... and from there I anchor my 30-seconds action.
There are two things I repeat no matter what, my daily skin routing followed by a hot cup of lemon water. I want to anchor to my morning routine some sun salutation. My 30-seconds action will be putting on my yoga cloths. But why is this action so important to me? Because I know my body benefits from the morning stretching... Once I wear my yoga pants it is more likely I will do the exercise at some point. Day after day after day...

Do you have a daily routine? Coffee? Family breakfast? Writing your dairy? Running with your dog? Cuddling your cat?
Have you ever heard of this theory? And what do you think?

If you want to share, please do!

Passing on positive vibes only


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