Make A Happy List

We are more than two weeks into January, how is it going?

I experienced mood swings, not the best way to start the new year. Not what I hoped... but it is what it is, sometimes there are reasons that can trigger your mind, and sometimes there are not. But to avoid negative vibes that pollute my days I looked into ways to boost my mood.

Gratitude & Appreciation
That quality people are talking about, and something you probably heard or read somewhere, because we are all reading, sharing, experiencing same things around the globe.

I am not going to explain it, there are tutors, writers, coaches, who are better skilled than me to do it. What I did and want to share with you today, is a kinder and simplified version of it, to bring you joy that will immediately boost your mood.

Make a Happy List
Make a list of things that make you feel good, and though what makes us happy is unique, filling a page with what you love, is an opportunity to reflect and a gentle way to bring you joy.

Make a list of scents you love and enhance the experience with some visualization. Flipping through it later will be a wonderful reminder of scents and memories you associate with that particular aroma, smell, bouquet!
Make a list of things you are looking forward to now
Make a list of daily rituals you relish
Make a list of something you enjoy doing by yourself
Make a list of things that make you feel healthy

If you don't want to make a list there is another way that can remind you of life's pleasures...

Apply a face mask
Light a candle
Listen to some relaxing music
Massage your face
Drink a warm herbal tea
Pamper yourself!

And speaking of music. Did you have the chance to listen to the new The Beddha playlist? Is an organic addition to our project for mindful moments on our SPOTIFY PROFILE. More to come (HomeSpa, HighMe), but for now, tune in and while you are making your lists (including one of your favourite sounds), or while pampering yourself (alone or with some friends), listen to some good music.


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Set your mood on happy feelings, share love, and that's what you will harvest in the coming year.


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