Don't Be Duped

During British Fashion Awards, the Duchess of Sussex (aka the ex actress Meghan Markle) said during her speech: 'It's about supporting and empowering each other as women. The culture of fashion has shifted. Where once it was cool to be cruel, now it is cool to be kind'.

The message may refer to the fashion industry, and maybe you ignore her or don't see her as a role model and blah blah blah, but my point here is to show how things are rapidly changing in our society for women. When a public figure like her speaks openly about womanhood and sisterhood, when women around the world share posts on social media encouraging and supporting other women, it means something is happening...

I don't know if the top influences the bottom or the other way round, but I know what I feel. And I feel full of hopes that we are finally coming together to change stereotypes that have been with us since forever. And I feel happy to be part of an awakened community of women who lift each other up every day with wisdom and love, rather than attacking the others and their character.

For centuries we have been described as fragile because we show emotions. We have been told women don't treat each other very well. We believed it. But ladies, we have been duped, because despite what society would have us think, other women are not our competition, they are our sisters. We are finally unlearning false myths and learning that there is joy in collaboration, and we are starting to be supportive with other females. In every situation and relationship.
It's the good thing to do and it's also the smart thing to do. You never know who is going to help in your next opportunity. Called it as you like, the power of collaboration, or collaboration over competition, or as #risingtidesociety puts it: we rise and thrive together. But connect and do it with kindness!

There are many books, essays, posts, articles and speeches now for a full immersion therapy in sisterhood, and how other women have shaped us. The one I think is worth mentioning here is the essay by Ann Friedman. I repeat myself, but as said in my previous post, her 'Shine Theory, why powerful women make the greatest friends', is very good. It's still very true, even more powerful today than when it was written in 2013, since we are all embracing it now.

So, I invite you to read it here.

You will notice how you can relate to the story. We have all been there comparing our successes against another woman, evaluating our beauty against another girl.
And what we can learn from this story is, that another woman success should be celebrated because it elevates all of us. 
It's not that easy to embrace this attitude (and it could be one of the reasons why it took so long for us to awaken), but I have hope things are changing, and in this case it's true to say Millennials are the ones who are tracing the path (from USA where it all started to Europe).

In terms of self-love how can we embrace this new attitude and mood?
Because we connect and converse online and offline not only over business but also over self-care, gathering together at home spa events more often, in sister circles, can cement women collaboration and heal wounds. Celebrating our divine feminine, enjoying being there among female peers, taking time in stillness while sharing self-love tips and positivity, avoiding any comparison and appreciating the unique aptitudes and sensitivities in all of us.
Being validated by our female peers can be very powerful and helpful to boost self-confidence. It shows we are not alone, we are surrounded by a supportive network.

As Madisyn Taylor says: 'what makes a woman confident is her ability to call upon her feminine wisdom. That has nothing to do with determination to succeed no matter the cost, but to connect with her sense of compassion and her true self'. A new way to redefine the meaning of strength.

So, to all the powerful goddesses out there: we are the women of the earth, the feminine will continue to rise. Let's be a wave of gentleness and lift one another up! Let's embrace our feminine power. Goddesses we are the change!

Sending all the love

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