From Summer to Autumn Transitional Beauty Rituals

Ready to attune with the season of abundance, we have rounded up a wellness and skincare list that you can implement in your beauty rituals. We hope that these tips can help you align mind, body and skin, with the new season, reminding all of us that Autumn is also known as the time for letting go.

So, mirroring nature, let go what no longer serves you. Keep what best serves you. Plan your next steps. Try new things. Create new regimen and habits.

Days will become cooler, prepare your body and skin keeping them warm and calm, hydrated and moist. The first step to start is exfoliation.

Glow is the word of the moment in beauty (along with dewy), a radiance effect that you can achieve by following a healthy lifestyle and skincare rituals. According to statistics, cosmetic is emerging as the new market vs make-up. Because beauty as we mean today, comes from the inside. Applying layers of false masks won't help revealing your essence.
Exfoliating the old (cells) will assist you in restoring the skin's natural regeneration process, helping to reveal your true beauty and glow for the new season.
Exfoliate body and face skin, including lips that becomes chapped as the temperature decreases. This weekly process will allow you maximum absorption of your products, helping reduce the amount needed.

Implement the use of specific skin masks to reduce redness, congestion or dullness that comes when the season changes. Try pink clay. Or be adventurous and test enzyme based solutions.

Botanical Steam
It's that time of year when it's nice to warm up water again and immerse your body in floral bath and have some facial steam to open your pores and allow skincare treatments to be more effective. Emotionally, the flower scent inspires optimism for a positive effect on your state of mind fighting back Autumn melancholy (and as the season changes again, winter blues).
Aromatherapy helps with stress and anxiety, and gives a sense of relief from nasal congestion. Statistics show that anxiety is on the rise since 2011 (people search anxiety-based products). Just imagine the effect of The Beddha Queen of Kings Bath on your skin and on your senses, dream about the support it can deliver to your physical and emotional state.

After the summer months you probably need some extra help to hydrate your face skin. Add some booster drops to your daily moisturiser. There are many options available for all types to help congested, damaged, dull skin.

Mindful breathing
Mindful breathing and meditation can help achieve healthy skin, reducing stress and having a positive impact on hormone balance. Since you relax and release tension, skin tissues receive more oxygen released by the mindful breath work.
So, breath, walk, glow!

The focus is to keep your body warm as the season becomes cooler. In order to do that, embrace a holistic nutrition lifestyle and avoid cold and raw foods. Instead eat soft and warm seasonal 
vegetables. Stock up on vitamins. Add warm milk and tisane.

Embrace the new and let go the old.


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