BHTG: Sacred Miami

Next destination: Sacred Miami! A city that holds a special place in the heart of our brand. If you remember Becoming The Beddha (and if you don't this is a good occasion to read the article), Miami is the place where everything started for our brand.

As Stefania, The Beddha founder, says: “Miami has two souls. You can go wild or follow a mystic path and have a Kundalini session early in the morning (early as 4 am), yoga at 6, pilates at 9 followed by meditation at 11. And you still have a full day to do other activities”.

There are classes in many places every 15 minutes. Some are free to attend, others require small donations. Vegan tastings in open houses, every type of sound baths, followed by theme dinners. Along with workshops come teachers, healers, experts trained in many holistic disciplines and philosophies from all over the world.

We have selected three places where our brand founder developed her knowledge and expertise in meditation and holistic practices, attending some of the many amazing events that Miami offers.

• The Sacred Space Miami
This place gathers experts from different disciplines and ideological paths. Leaders, healers, speakers, monks, masters, educators, shamans that share their vision to offer a choice for every individual in search of her/his own path.
The aim is to assist the individual for personal growth offering a variety of holistic and integrative experiences. Trainings, events, workshops, vegan cuisine for transformational holistic wellness journeys.

The Beddha founder has only beautiful words for this place where she attended Kundalini classes at 4 am. Yes, 4 am! And these classes were fully booked. When you say the power of the will...

Modern Om
For another conscious direction there is Modern Om, a place that aims to open a conversation on what it means to be mindful in the modern world. A business that sells products inspired by the 7 Chakras. A community in the form of a social club that brings conscious minds together.

Innergy Meditation
A place dedicated to meditation only. A place where meditation is not associated to any religion instead embraced as a science that can increase health and happiness. Here you will find an eclectic mix of classes for all levels (SoBe Mindful method, Flow, Sound, Visualization and many more). Along with classes, special events and teachers trainings and workshops are held here.

We would also like to introduce you to Conscious City Guide an international virtual place where you can list your real events. As we did! Because let us remind you, in this occasion, that in a few days the first Beddha Tribe Camp will be held at She's Lost Control, a magical little cavern in East London!

This will be the time for many of you to get in touch with the brand, that opens its doors to the public for the first time. Why this event? Because it's The Beddha first anniversary, and for the occasion we have organised a smashing celebration. Goods like Goddess Couture, Goddess Care, and tools will be available for purchase for a special showroom price. But the occasion will be more than simply do some shopping.

So join us for this special time and celebrate with us our first anniversary. If you cannot make it, then follow our IG account for insights.


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