How To Read The Beddha Labels

Do we take time to read labels and consider what goes behind a product? How many of us really contemplate them?

We do sometimes read ingredients and materials used by brands especially when it comes to food or if we suffer from allergies, but we don’t do much else. We are fascinated by a brand storytelling but we don’t go further than this, to see if the price matches what the brand says in its messages.

As part of this new movement that promotes a mindful and thoughtful lifestyle, we promote education and transparency. We believe it’s important to understand what goes into our products, to explain antecedents and implications about our collaborations, and why our products have the quality, the style and the cost they have.

There are so many products available today, with prices ranging from few dollars/euros to hundreds. It’s important for us to illustrate our process and show some pictures, so that we can separate our brand from the competition. It’s important for you, our customers, so you can appreciate and trust the label. Because a better educated public makes better and independent choices.

We have in mind to explain in more details our 4 best-selling products, and the first hero product we’d like to talk about today is: The Tribes

What goes behind the The Beddha roller and gua sha?

With regards to tools but as a general rule as well, if you go into a new business there is no need to invent the wheel, instead, improve what is already on the market.
Following this principle, The Beddha founder started working on building block for her business from rollers and gua shas, that had been around for centuries with e
ffective results for women face fitness. Because her mission was to provide alternative beauty products to women.

She studied and tested some of the offers at hand, so to be able to deliver a better choice. Once selected the design (tools on the market are similar but if you look into details you notice they come in all different models, shapes, sizes and raw materials), she then contacted some suppliers and manufactures to start the prototyping process.

And this is the part that takes time and determines quality, price and end result. Because it starts a forward and backward process between brand and manufacturer where defects and problems and issues arise and are highlighted. It can take up to three months before a Beddha product gets the final approval and is ready for production. For many brands problems can be caused by bad execution, lack of time, wrong design, inexperience and sometimes poor communication.

One of the most difficult things that requires time and patience is to identify the right collaborator to partner with. The goal of an entrepreneur is to achieve long-term business relationships, but finding the right one, the one that works for both parties, requires time, skills and some luck.

From idea to product the process involves:

  • Searching for suppliers and manufactures

  • Explaining the project and making a first selection for the right suppliers/manufactures to collaborate with on the prototype

  • Slimming down the list to the one that best fits the project

  • Sending forward and backward feedback to improve and resolve issues regarding the prototype

  • Final prototype approval

  • Production

  • Quality control that involves a first skim made in production facilities and then a second quality control made by The Beddha staff

We have documented some of these moments where you can see the process, where issues arise like crooked rollers, surface scratch, material opacity, rough edges, asymmetry, dark zinc, even noise! Things you have no idea can happen when you hold in your hands a finished product like The Beddha roller.

The unexpected can always happen, no matter the effort and attention to details. There will always be one or two pieces that skip our quality check. And someone will complain. But a throughly work will reduce the chance.

Isn’t it a great thing that you can see what goes behind one single product and understand the process and notice the differences? Next time you hold your tribe in your hands you know how we made it as well as how to use it with The Beddha daily/night protocol (another topic so important to us - to teach you new techniques we make constantly studies and tests).



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