Our 3Ps

You talked. We listened. And from those initial messages shared during Sacred Women Circles, The Beddha was born.

You talk. We listen. And from messages to products, The Beddha is expanding its vision.

We have reached a point in our brand history where we believe it’s time to explain and share the spirit behind the story and tell about our 3Ps (philosophy, production and process) that interconnect with each other.

Women and their needs are at the heart of The Beddha philosophy. And that should be now clear. Our mission is to empower women and make them feel like goddesses that in practical terms means, providing women with alternative tools and the right mindset to take care of their inner and outer beauty with no sense of guilt or regret. Making women self-aware and helping them during this acceptance journey is part of our mission. We host monthly Females' Circles around the world to hear from women, our direct source, what is going on in their lives.

To meet these needs we globally searched for natural remedies and developed our lines of holistic products based on traditional methods integrated with modern principles.
To be true to ourselves and our brand, we travel the world, taking long term/long distance journeys, to discover what’s next. And we do it 6 to 8 times per year.

We know by experience that to be relevant in our saturated market, we need to be vigilant and ahead of the curve.

Our products are derived by nature and supported by laboratory tests, using unique blends and powerful combinations, so that the result looks and feels good for all senses.
We visit our production facilities for quality control and have regular on-site trainings provided by our manufacturers/suppliers to be fully informed about market trends and latest developments without compromising our core philosophy (that for us equals to nature and tradition).
We use high quality all-natural vegan ingredients and materials. Our exclusive organic The Beddha formulas are free from toxic colours, chemicals, pesticides. Our fashion line is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified non-toxic dyes.

We spend months in research and development to create the right prototype, and only when we feel confident about the right formulas we produce our exclusive designed The Beddha goods in small batches. It means The Beddha doesn’t buy stock from other producers. We design and produce our own lines only in small quantities and only from premium ingredients/materials 100% organic and vegan.

We store our batches in-house, in order to provide a dry and hygienically controlled space and maintain products quality.

(Business) Process
We started as a direct to consumer brand, selling our products online through our website.
From the very beginning we received many requests from independent merchants that wanted our goods on their shelves. We had to decide early on, what strategy to adopt.
Our priority is to maintain high quality product standards throughout the entire process as we know the e
fforts we put to produce and store our goods.
In order to meet our client’s expectations, secure our reputation, and deliver a fresh product, we need to be selective in choosing our resellers. We don’t want to see our e
fforts go to waste. Our products to maintain their freshness and quality cannot be stored for too long in unknown spaces.

That is why we partner with medium/big size retailers to make sure our quality standards are met. It means we turn down many requests from smaller traders and buyers that we think won’t be able to meet our needs. We believe this is the best strategy for our deluxe brand. We don’t aim to have a widespread distribution. We aim to be in selected places and control our quality and your satisfaction.

We believe transparency is the best way to communicate with our public, that is why we are sharing our vision with you. We also believe you cannot be everything to everyone. As a brand you have to decide what strategy and market share you want and can fill.

We don’t produce beauty treatments just to make you look better. We produce rituals to make you feel better. It works from inside out. Each product is sold with a mindful protocol in mind, because our ultimate goal is to educate women to learn new habits and unlearn old stereotypes.
Each product is charged with positivity and works as a motivational tool, to bring you forgotten or neglected experiences.

Along with a mindfulness protocol that educate on its use, each product is thought and paired with a mindfulness practice, designed specifically for the end use.

We want to be open about our story, so that you can follow the journey with us.

Sending all big love


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