Intentions In A Jar

In our last post we mentioned sacred spaces are the ideal place to set intentions for the day (depending on the time your daily rituals take place).

To begin with, an intention is a manifestation of how you want your day to go. It means that if you are to go out in the day with no intention, you have no direction. So it’s important to set intentions for your day, week, month, year.
If you know where you want to go, the power of setting an intention is going to help you get there, because you don’t rely on fate or destiny, you don’t allow the day happens to you passively. You rely only on your own will. You activate your receptivity and attract in your life what you intend to. You have the power to tap into your mind and transform your life.

Having said that, and having created and cleared a sacred space through saging, how do we identify and set our intentions, where do we start from and how do we stick to them?

Some life coaches say to connect to your intuition and work with what resonates with you. Focusing on what you want to attract and what you’d like to let go off.

Kelsey Patel says that setting intentions is not just about tangible, physical things, it’s also about how you operate internally. That’s why she suggests to work with mind, body, spirit. The idea is to first check the triad and accept what it is that you are really seeking, not just blindly throwing things on the list.

It’s a good place to start but at The Beddha we believe that it’s important to start from what makes you happy. Especially if you are new to this practice. Setting positive intentions bring in good vibes, and you can only do that if you begin your journey from what makes you feel good. Don’t force yourself into something that doesn’t resonate with you just to conform to a trend.

Do what makes you happy first and then progress gradually from there into things you are less familiar with.

A second step is to stick to the intentions you set.
Again, it’s easier if you are in a happy place inside out, but it’s only possible if you create a habit.

Make very concrete plans.
Make a list of your goals.
Set up a specific time and place.
Make sure you won’t be disturbed when you set up your intentions.

Planning and regularity will help establish a ritual for you and it will be easier to integrate the practice into your daily routine.

The Beddha has created a set of signature scents named I AM & I OM to bless this journey and bring high-vibe energy into your intention ritual.

photo: Britney Gill

Light one of the set candles with your intention. I AM is a female rose fragrance that features the note of imperial rose mixed with a drop of sandalwood and two of Jasmin. I OM is a mixed scent of sandalwood with basil and citrus fruit. This last one is particularly recommended for your daily rituals, as due to its fragrance, it turns sense and mind in a state of still. The distinctive characteristic of the set is that once the candle is finished burning, you are left with an intention quote jar that reminds you of your daily goals.

Do your affirmations. Verbally share your intention with yourself.
Create a mantra. Any I am/I om a
ffirmations in the present sentence where you live.
Spend a few minutes everyday just writing down a few things you are grateful for. Gratitude is a very important part of the intention-setting process because we are in a state of always wanting (nowadays more than ever because of the insta-success culture). Being grateful for what you have achieved and for what you have in your life, gives you a sense of calm.

Do some visualization. It keeps you on track. It can be a physical vision board filled with images, or a metaphysical board manifested only in your mind. It can include tangible or intangible things you aspire to avoid negative thoughts that pollute your mind.

Blow out your candle once you have completed your intention ritual and then let go.

It can be a very helpful practice that anyone can achieve. It’s a matter of being really honest and clear on what you want to bring into your life and appreciate every step and every progress you make.

Stay positive, stay focused.



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