BHTG: There's Something About Bali

After receiving a few questions about The Beddha video filmed in Bali, we thought would be a nice idea to start a short holistic travel guide and share with you feelings we experienced during the journey on this magic island.

A trip can have different meanings including being a spiritual journey, so either you stay in the comfort of your home, or you enjoy short/long breaks, The Beddha Holistic Travel Guide is for those of you who like to travel physically and also emotionally.

As always when going under a new experience, we should ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. And in case of travelling, why we are going where we are going. We should know the reasons that move us. Even if we are guided by intuition.

There are places professional healers recommend, and we have included some of these places in our guide. So, take a journey with us and travel to Bali, our first destination.

The place is filled with culture, heritage and spirituality, packed with landscape, architecture and art. A magical island that struck more than one soul.

They say there's something about Bali. It's in the wind, it's in the air.
Could be the reason why many travel to the island as the only place where someone can fully recharge connecting to the elements and listening to the wind. Nature has a big part in this journey, with its tall cliffs, gorgeous views, great weather, and blue-green ocean.

And it's at the top of a seaside, that temple Uluwatu is located. A place where you can meditate and connect. Temples are a must see for anyone visiting the Island of the Gods, as Bali is also known.

The centre of all the spiritual activities is Ubud, one of the best places in the world to practice yoga (in an island that is one of the best places in the world for yoga retreats, the best of the best so to speak...). A mystical place that became very popular after the publication of the book Eat Pray Love and the movie that followed, where the author starts her spiritual journey in India and end it in Bali And it makes sense. India is yoga and meditation birthplace, Bali is probably the best place to practice it. It's safer, especially for women travelling alone, it's cleaner and more modern.

Ubud is the perfect place to relax and live the Balinese experience. But what if you are not into spirituality?

In Ubud one of the most visited site is Sacred Monkey Forest, a natural forest sanctuary that is home to a horde of grey long-tailed macaques. You can walk into the path and enjoy the experience, no worship involved.

There are other locations that attract digital nomads and surfers for their beaches, cafes, restaurants and bohemian lifestyle.

Canggu is known as a surfing spot and it happens to be the place where Tanah Lot Temple is located, an ancient sacred Hindu house of worship, and one of the most important landmarks in Bali for its significance and beauty.

If you just want to hang out for sunbathing on golden sands and blue-green seas, there are great beaches, like Batu Bolong Beach, Nelayan Beach, and Pererenan Beach.

If you are travelling with kids Taman Segara Madu Water Park is the place to go.
If you like scouting for markets, then visit the Sunday market at Old Man's.
If you are a foodie raw and vegan restaurants abound.
If you like walking and cycling, go for a rice walk or ride through the local rice paddies. Though from a tourist point of view, you can still experience the local villagers way of life, like watching a farmer herding his flock of ducks.

If you are into trekking a very popular destination is Mount Batur.

Culture is everywhere. From rituals to ceremonies to festivals, from small sacred offerings to temples that reside everywhere. Balinese practice their religious obligations with devotion and dress immaculately for the temple.

And coming back to spiritual practice, even if you are simply visiting a temple, bring with you a sarong and a sash, for your legs and waist. In case you don't own one, you can buy or rent locally. Both women and men need to cover their legs when visiting a spiritual practice place.

We listed some interesting spots. Before going make sure to do some research as yoga and wellness are becoming too popular. Ask friends and check reviews. If you are not planning to visit Bali, enjoy The Beddha video, read Eat Pray Love, or watch the movie.



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