The Beddha Holistic Way

Rituals. Goddess. Mindful lifestyle.

We hear these words with increase frequency in the wellness and beauty industry.
People use them for many reasons: because they are part of this new movement, because of words of mouth, because they follow the flow and it’s nice to be part of something. And sometimes just to take advantage of the moment, because they are trendy and cool.

Different reasons that can all have an impact.

For The Beddha they are part of the brand philosophy, at the core of its values, and are one linked to the other. So that these words are included in the packaging and labels, therefore the natural next chapter of ‘how to read our labels series’.

Mindful Collection

If you are familiar with The Beddha, you probably have already read about it, but for those of you who may be new to the brand, on Mindful Rooftop blog you will find a thread that illustrates what it means a life mindfully embraced. What it means being fully in the present, learning to celebrate a female essence and taking time for the self.

This is the message once the product is in your hands.

But this conscious journey starts long before the product is delivered to you. It starts when the product is thought and designed, and then produced with attention, intention and love. It goes from concept, design and style, to material and supplier selection to human business relationships. Always having in mind the benefit each product will bring to the final consumer and to all the people involved in the process at different stages of the production cycle, including the brand owner.

It’s not just the product in itself that is important, but also the self-actualisation that comes from doing an honest and good job that you know will bring calm and balance in someone else’s life.

It’s the whole concept that we want to get across, a concept that is made not just by one moment or one product, but by little steps and pieces. Every step, every product reflects the brand values.

Rituals for a Goddess Lifestyle

As much as it takes time to conceive The Beddha products, it takes time to appreciate them and see results. The whole collection is not meant to be used in a rush or handled with no care.
That is why The Beddha has thought to remind you about mindfulness in every moment, including the time you receive the goods and see them for the first time.

Our packaging is planned to send direct and indirect messages from labels to color palette selection. Every sticker and ribbon has a reason to be there.

Some products have detailed instructions that require time to follow. They also require some time before visibile results can be appreciated. Some messages are more evident than others. A gua sha requires more time to be skilfully handled than a kimono. Yet a kimono conceals a hidden message: wrap yourself with care and patience and treat yourself like a goddess because you are precious. Take your time. Indulge in discovering who you really are and want.

The Beddha collection is meant to be embraced with calm.
Body, mind and spirit, all require time to align, balance and recharge.

It is also designed in an holistic way, and by that I mean that every product is conceived to stand alone as well as in synergy with the others. The collection has been mapped so that you can follow a path and find your own, in the natural sanctuary that is your home: you start a ritual by undressing from your daily mask and wear a kimono and keep proceeding by self-caring using natural products followed by a bath and a meditation session under the light of a I Om candle to end your day on a silk pillow for a sweet slumber. You can take only one step or embrace the full journey, in solitude to retreat in yourself, or in company of other sisters.

So, next time you slowly unwrap a new delivery, next time you hold a new product, remember this few lines, remember who made them and the love and intention put in every good to give you the best support in your life. Knowing and appreciating how things are made it’s already a conscious choice that nourishes your mind and soul.



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