In The Company Of Women: Gill

Who are the women who embrace The Beddha lifestyle and mindfulness in general?

What moves conscious decisions and women from different age and background to embrace a mindful lifestyle?

To know more about it, we asked to some of our customers to be part of our experiment. We weren’t sure about the outcome. So we conducted just a few initial interviews. 

The result is so interesting, that we have decided to extend it, making it a real project that involves all of you.

Starting from this week we will share the first experiences.

Today we introduce Gill a stay at home mum from rural England, who decided to relocate with her husband and young daughter in a little village. A simple lifestyle to start afresh and raise a young family. Along with relocation came an increasing interest in wellness and self-caring.

How did you discover The Beddha products?

I don’t remember exactly, I think through social media. I follow some wellness and beauty accounts on Instagram. And I saw someone who was talking about botanical facials and rose bath. I thought it was a beautiful idea, and since I live in a remote place that can get cold in winter, I wanted to experience the product myself. I loved this idea to sprinkle rose petals in hot water. So I ordered a rose bath tube…

Right, because you relocated there a few years ago, and left behind a life spent in a big city. What moved your decision?

We wanted to start a family and found our lives too stressed about stuff that no longer made sense to us. We wanted to go back to nature and simplify our existence. We wanted to rediscover calm and serenity. Our daughter was 4 at the time, and all made sense. 

Was wellness something you always were passionate about, or something that is growing on you?

I never really practiced meditation, or anything that is spiritual, but I was close to nature since a very young age. And as far as I can remember I always loved natural products. When I was living in London, I was always after goods that contained organic or natural ingredients. Probably even more because of the stressful lifestyle. London is an amazing city but many young families are moving away to smaller places. Too stressful, too polluted, too crowded, too expensive!

I only started practicing yoga and meditation recently, as a natural progression.

What is your ritual?

I don’t call it a ritual, it’s more like a healthy routine. I wake up early and first thing, I practice some meditation, followed by some self-care routine. 

I don’t have much time, but I feel I need some space for me, now more than ever. I spend my day with my daughter. I love it, and it was a conscious choice. But I want to find some time only for myself. I don’t want to burn myself out.

The hardest lesson is learning to be kind to yourself.

I think all stay at home mums, and really everyone, should have time out, to mentally disconnect and refuel for what comes next. Even if for 5 minutes only. Comma meditation can help you in just 3 minutes! But it’s not easy.

How do you manage?

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain life balance. I struggle with guilt around the idea of self-caring when I have a child to look after. But I believe that taking some time out for yourself is important, and it doesn’t make me a bad mother. 

I should’t even say that, but there is still a lot of pressure on women when it comes to family, that you should sacrifice your entire existence for it, and have no desires or aspirations for yourself. We are finally starting to interrogate the system. And my husband agrees with that and is very supportive. So I practice my yoga and meditation and self-care on a daily basis.

For me wellness doesn’t mean weight loss, diet and exercise. It doesn’t even mean spirituality. It means enjoying home made and delicious food, it means enjoying small things and be present when you do them, and grateful for what you have.

Living in a small village makes things easier. You have more time for cooking, for playing games with children, for wading through boggy fields and soak in nature. That’s what we wanted. 

It seems to me your priorities are in completely the right place…

I don’t miss my life in London, and I have no regrets about the choice we made, but there is one thing I miss: my female friends. I think that if I had the chance I would like to join some women circle and experience an evening in the company of women.

As you mention that, did you see The Glamour Society video. It really is about what you just described.

Really? I haven’t seen it yet, but I will, promise…

What’s next for you? 

Looking after my family and home, and reconnecting with my creativity. I am grateful for what I have and I think this is the time to use it in a positive way.